Becoming a Bike Friendly Business

The Bike Friendly Business Network #SEAbikebiz is made up of Seattle businesses that support people who arrive by bike. Join the network #SEAbikebiz and we will promote all that you do! Check out the best practices page for ideas of what other Bike Friendly Businesses are doing to support cycling.

Studies in cities across the US and Canada show that customers who arrive to your business by foot or by bike visit more frequently and spend more money than those who arrive by car. Cities have proven that cycling supports a thriving business network on a neighborhood scale. After the completion of the 9th Ave protected bike lane in NYC, local businesses saw a 49% increase in retail sales.

Recent Census data revealed that new workers are significantly less likely to drive to work. Supporting active transportation fosters camaraderie in your workplace and community, while increasing employee morale and quality of life.

Through shared values and best practices Seattle Bike Friendly Businesses stand to gain loyal customers, strengthen their community and decrease traffic congestion for all.



Receive a window decal to promote your status as a Bike Friendly Business. Be recognized as bike friendly through promotions within the Seattle biking community. Receive special offers on bike racks, amenities and more.


    Be recognized as a business that supports biking in the community. Attract new customers. Get on the map so bike customers can find you. Be listed in a citywide directory. Have your twitter feed featured on the website, and get ongoing social media shout outs.


      Find like-minded businesses in your neighborhood. If you sign up before the end of 2016, all employees who are non-existing Cascade Bicycling Club members will be offered a free one-year membership. Provide input on plans for bike infrastructure. Receive assistance accessing city services.


    Get access to best practices on bike racks and bike room amenities. Receive assistance designing employee transportation benefits. Gain promotional ideas to attract customers by bike. Find materials to educate customers and employees on safe cycling.


If your business supports customers and employees who arrive by bike, you are a Bike Friendly Business!
Tell us what you do to promote biking in this quick application and we will start promoting you.

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